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WallsOfSound VST Plugin for Windows

The idea with the WallsOfSound plug-in is to emulate, in a way most general as possible, the reverberant effects of sound travelling from sources to receivers in a three-dimensional space -- bounded, fully or partially, by walls of specified sonic reflectivity coefficients. The product name pays tribute to the production technique initiated in the early 1960’s called the “Wall of Sound” . Thus, rather than control reverb and echo with the conventional knob or slider-driven, single-dimensional delay parameters and the like, reverberant effects would be created by actually creating a virtual room and laying out sources and receivers in the three dimensions – a more intuitive approach.

WallsOfSound VST 2.x Plugin Kit

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WallsOfSound for VST 2.x has been upgraded to v1.2. The earlier 1.0 update enables the user to create arbitrary room layouts via an interactive sketch capability using simple gestural strokes. With a click of a button, the resulting effects can be immediately applied to the sound -- by triggering an internal algorithm to extrude the geometry into a 3D equivalent and computing the reverberant paths through the geometry. The NEW v1.2 enhancements reduce CPU impact by 90%, so this capability now draws many fewer cycles from your CPU as you apply it to input sound streams.
Sketch Screen Shot
Although the VST 3 version was released first (below), there were many requests for a VST 2.x version, as VST 3 DAW implementations are not as far-reaching as of yet. So, the above version is now available. As VST 3 has more flexibility with setting the number of channels, the VST 2.x version is currently limited to stereo in and stereo out, albeit distributed among as many arbitrarily positioned sources and receivers in the virtual room.

WallsOfSound VST 3 Plugin Kit

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